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Colorize - terminator plugin for coloring titlebar of each terminal separately
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======== Colorize

Colorize - terminator plugin for coloring title bar and background of each terminal separately


Alt text


  1. Copy to plugin directory in terminator installation (for example: /usr/share/terminator/terminatorlib/plugins or ~/.config/terminator/plugins/)
  2. Enable plugin in plugin preferences (Right click on terminator > Preferences > Plugins > click colorize)

How to use

  1. Launch terminator (obvious :P)
  2. Right-click on terminal and
    • choose "Choose color" to set custom color or
    • choose some preset color from "Pick color" submenu or
    • choose "Colorize background" to set background of the terminal according to the title bar color
    • choose "Restore background" to reset the background to its default value


Shortcuts for "Pick color" don't work yet


  1. Make shortcuts for "Pick color" work :P
  2. Some kind of GUI
  3. Instruction for configuration of plugin in text-mode
  4. Inherit colors after splitting
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