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Turn-based strategy game in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42


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Knight General

Turn-based strategy for Ludum Dare 42. Theme: Running out of space

Gameplay video:

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Knight General is inspired by classic turn-based strategy games. The aim of the game is to control the whole map (so that the enemy 'runs out of space'). To do so, a player can move their units into enemy territory, thus increasing their possessions. Each player can buy more units, all of which can fight the enemies and collect resources. Units are bought with coins, which each player collects by:

  • gathering resources
  • receiving a payout at the beginning of each turn, which depends on the size of owned land


  • two powerful sides: knights and skeletons
  • each side has three different units
  • difficult AI opponent
  • several types of resources (gold, stone, timber, trees) which can be collected and sold to receive coins


  1. Make sure you have SFML library installed: on Ubuntu sudo apt install libsfml-dev

  2. Download DEB or ZIP package.

  3. Install DEB package: sudo apt install ./knight-general-0.1.0-Linux.deb

  4. Go to directory with knight-general executable (possibly /usr/games), and run ./knight-general

  5. If you're using the ZIP archive, unzip it, then find knight-general executable and run it.


Tested on Ubuntu 17.10 but it should be easy to build on other free systems and probably on Mac/Windows as well.


  • SFML (tested with v2.4.2)
  • modern C++ compiler, supporting at least C++14

Building from source

Install dependencies on Ubuntu:

sudo apt install libsfml-dev

1. Clone the repo
2. mkdir build && cp -r knight_general_assets/ build/ && cd build
3. cmake ..
4. make -j
5. ./knight-general





Version info

./knight-general --version


13/08/2018 20:42 BST - almost final version

12/08/2018 20:27 BST - basic gui

12/08/2018 11:50 BST - two units

11/08/2018 18:05 BST - unit on a map

11/08/2018 14:56 BST - basic map