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For quite a while, I’ve been collecting GIFs in my GIF file (“TheGIFFile”, or “GIFFile”). (As I tell my friends: “Italian/Germans curate good GIFs.” Disclaimer: This may or may not be true for any other Italian/German—my sample size is 1.) At the time of writing, I have 753 GIFs taking up 1.22 GB in one of Dropbox’s old “public” folders (the ones where you can really easily get a public link to view any file within). I guess my Oma was on the right track when she gave me her old coin collection—I do have a penchant for collecting!

Recently a friend asked for access to my GIFFile.

Being the code-savvy developer (read: lazy bum) that I am, I quickly churned out a Python script that generated a list of HTML links to all the GIFs in the directory. This served its purpose, but was decidedly boring. This is the web—it should be sortable, tagged, searchable, all that stuff! (Hahaha hello interactive web 2.0 folks, welcome to my ramblings.)

To achieve these latter goals, I decided to refactor (so, so, so easy to do when you start out from a script that literally just prints HTML links), building out a little AngularJS app to serve as a web interface to my GIFFile.

This is a work in progress. But yay learning! And yay GIFs! And yay to the friendship that got me to do this in the first place!