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Coin Flip Simulator

It's like flipping burgers, but cooler!

This program simulates a coin flip a certain number of times and then displays the results. It also does some very basic analysis on the flips.

Command line arguments are included to bypass the simple CLI:

-n: Number of times to run the simulation. Example usage: -n 1000
-l: Name of logfile. Example usage: -l log NOTE: If you don't want a logfile created, use -l n or -l no
-o: To show or not to show visual output. Example usage: -o y OR -o n


  • Estimated completion time based on 10000 (TBD) simulated flips.
  • Improve command line arguments to be less stupid. Specifically....
  • Add a logfile switch.
  • Change output to be a true switch.
  • Comment code
  • Refactor code

Contribs: johnafish, asdfgh746