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A free, portable and open implementation of the Amiga filesystem
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The ADFlib is a free, portable and open implementation of the Amiga filesystem.

It supports :
- floppy dumps
- multiple partitions harddisk dumps
- UAE hardfiles
- WinNT devices with the 'native driver' written by Dan Sutherland
- mount/unmount/create a device (real one or a dump file),
- mount/unmount/create a volume (partition),
- create/open/close/delete/rename/undel a file,
- read/write bytes from/to a file,
- create/delete/rename/move/undel a directory,
- get directory contents, change current directory, get parent directory
- use dir cache to get directory contents.

It is written in portable C, and support the WinNT platform to access
real drives.


unADF is a unzip like for .ADF files :

unadf [-lrcsp -v n] dumpname.adf [files-with-path] [-d extractdir]
    -l : lists root directory contents
    -r : lists directory tree contents
    -c : use dircache data (must be used with -l)
    -s : display entries logical block pointer (must be used with -l)
    -m : display file comments, if exists (must be used with -l)

    -v n : mount volume #n instead of default #0 volume

    -p : send extracted files to pipe (unadf -p dump.adf Pics/pic1.gif | xv -)
    -d dir : extract to 'dir' directory


main design and code             Laurent Clevy
Bug fixes and C++ wrapper        Bjarke Viksoe (adfwrapper.h)
WinNT native driver              Dan Sutherland and Gary Harris

New versions and contact e-mail can be found at :


The following commands should automatically detect the system 
configuration and build the library and examples/unadf, 
the ADF extractor binary.



* Native driver

The NATIV_DIR variable is used to choose the (only one) target platform
of the native driver. The default is :

NATIV_DIR = ./Generic

This one do not give access to any real device. The other one available is
Win32, to access real devices under WinNT.

* Win32DLL

The 'prefix.h' is used to create the Win32 DLL version of the library.
If the WIN32DLL variable is defined in the library code, public functions
are preceded by the '__declspec(dllexport)' directive. If this same
variable is defined, the '__declspec(dllimport)' is put before the functions
prototypes in the 'adflib.h' library include file.


AUTHORS   Contributors
README			The file you are reading
TODO			Future improvements and bugfixes
CHANGES			Detailed changes
src/			main library files
src/win32/		WinNT native driver
src/generic/		native files templates
boot/			Bootblocks that might by used to put on floppy disks
doc/			The library developpers documentation 
doc/FAQ/		The Amiga Filesystem explained
examples/		unadf.c

Possible bugs

- in dircache updates
- when a volume is becoming full
- lost memory releases

Please report any bugs or mistakes in the documentation !

Have fun anyway !
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