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ADFlib 0.7.12
- use GNU autotools build system
- fix building on 64bit architectures but needs C99 compliant compliler
- remove some windows specific stuff maybe one should add it again updating it
to use the current directory structure
ADFlib 0.7.11a
- Minor Makefile fixes. Works under Fedora Core 5, gcc 4.1.0.
- Inclusing of Bjarke Viksoe C++ wrapper (adfwrapper.h). Windows specific for the moment,
but good example of C++ wrapper on top of ADFlib.
- Inclusion of GPL license and text inside every code source file
(requested by Gürkan Sengün to build a Debian package for unadf)
ADFlib 0.7.11
Minor Makefile and compilation process changes to work under cygwin and with gcc 3.4.4.
ADFlib 0.7.9d by Gary Harris
- changes all occurences of // foo, into /* foo */
- updated "Copyright Laurent Clevy" message date up to 2002 intead of 1999
- marked all Bjarke changes by the /* BV */ comment
ADFlib 0.7.9c by Bjarke Viksoe
- changes : Win32/nt4_dev.c
.return RC_ERROR instead of FALSE
.return TRUE when input parameter of NT4CloseDrive is NULL
- changes : Win32/defendian.h
changes printf and putchar into -empty string- for Win32 GUI applications
- fix : in adf_hd.c, in adfMountDev(), dumpfiledevice was assumed sometimes, but it could be native.
"if (dev->isNativeDev)" when needed
- fix : in adf_hd.c, in adfMountDev(), some memory release was forgotten in case of error
- change : adf_hd.c, line 36, floppy dump files with 83 sectors are now valid (request by users)
- change : adf_hd.c , adfReadRDSKBlock(), ignore checksum error. Win98 modifies this sector
- ADFlib 0.7.9b refixes and Win32 code improvements by Gary Harris
- ADFlib 0.7.9a bug with hardfiles fixed some months ago by Dan Sutherland
- ADFlib 0.7.9 released. Docs updated.
- fix: bug in adfGetHashValue() : must use unsigned char...
- unadf 1.0 : with multiple files and recursive extraction, pipe redirection
- adfGetDelEnt(), adfUndelEntry(), adfCheckEntry()
- fix: forgot the secType for the cache entry in adfCreateDir()
- fix: adfRemoveEntry() with a dir did not remove the related cache blocks
- 0.7.8a released.
- a minor buf was detected in the bootblock checksum checking
- 0.7.8 released. the 0.7.9 will have some links support. the next unadf version will have extraction (-x).
- Win32 dynamic library makefile added
- test scripts and added
- small bug fix in adfGetRDirEnt().
- the ENV_DECLARATION is put in the library (adf_env.c), and must be removed from the main() files.
Will be consistent will the .dll version.
- unadf.c started : a unzip like utility for the .ADF files. Extraction not provided yet.
- adfGetRDirEnt() added, adfFreeDirList() modified : to get recursively the entire directories entries tree.
- adfSetEntryAccess() and adfSetEntryComment() added
- Win32 makefile added for the static library form
- adfGetVersionNumber() and adfGetVersionDate() added
- many date and time fields filled
- bug fix in adfCreateDir()
- adfRenameEntry() already worked with two differents dirs, but it's verified now
- Hardfile support added (requested by Dan Sutherland)
- bug fix in cache routines
- adfRenameEntry() works in the same directory, only
- bug fix in adfWriteBootBlock() : disks can really be made bootable
- bug fix around adfCreateDumpDevice()
- removed the fread() bug : fopen(,"rb")
- removed the LSEG checking
- adfFlushFile()
- dir cache support for files and directories
- bugfix : adfCloseFile() when filesize==0
- bugfix : parent field in file header block
- safier and proper error handling
- bugfix : adfGetFreeBlocks(), physical and logical block numbers confused
- adfRemoveEntry() : delete files and empty directories
- modified Makefile : remplace links for Linux/ and
adf_nativ.h with gcc flags -I. -I..
- Remove most of signed/unsigned warning from MSVC
- Error handling : test exe
- Read only support