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My repository for the capstone project at GA
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My repository for the capstone project at GA. This Readme will be expanded upon as the project grows.

Note: This is a work in progress, while this notice remains I consider the repo to be unfinished, unpolished, and in need of more work.


  • DataGathering

    • This folder contains the Jupyter notebook where I gather data from various sourcess. The purpose of this notebook is the creation of data csv files that will be used throughout the remainder of the project. It also holds a template for the private json file I use to hold API keys for the sake of security.
  • Datasets

    • This folder contains the CSVs I keep my data in. I gathered many kinds, but what I actually use for the project in this stage is daily.csv which contains information on a daily basis, and technical indicators that are used alongside the daily information.
  • Modeling

    • EDA - This is the notebook I used to do my initial exploratory EDA.
    • ModelingDaySeries 1 - This is the notebooks used to do my first very basic models.
    • ModelingDaySeries 2 - This notebook was used as a scrapbook of sorts, where I tried many different things in order to come up with the techniques I would use for my final implementation.
    • ModelingDaySeries 3 - This is the nicely commented put together notebook that takes the entire modeling process through to it's conclusion and provides comments and insights along the way. It is the culmination of my work on this project and is the primary Notebook that shold be looked at.
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