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Python to convert MARC/XML Bibliographic records to BIBFRAME resources.

This python version was initially developed by Zepheira LLC.  This 
transformation is under development and does not at this time represent 
a canonical transformation of MARC Bib data to BIBFRAME resources. It is 
made available for evaluation and comment.

The script outputs four JSON files.  The JSON is designed to be used
with Simile Exhibit.   The script can be run simply as:

	python /path/to/marc/xml/file
The output files will be saved in html/data/ as file names beginning with the 
word "default."  You may also specify a base file name, but the resulting 
files will still be saved to html/data.

After transforming a batch of MARC/XML BIB records, open the "exhibit.html"
in the html/ directory to view the JSON output in a friendlier manner.

This has been tested with Python version 2.7.3

Amara ( is a prerequisite.  (Amara
will require python-dev to build.)


	Jun 5 2013
		Moved out of marc2bibframe repository.

	Dec 6 2012
		Initial publication.