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Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) Scenario

Contacts: Lara CODECA [], VehicularLab []

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


Lara CODECA, Raphael FRANK, Thomas ENGEL. December 2015. Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) Scenario: 24 Hours of Mobility for Vehicular Networking Research in Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC15).

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How To:

LuST Scenario can be lunched directly with four configuration files.

  • Mobility: shortest path with rerouting.
    • sumo -c LuSTScenario.dua.complete.mobility.static.sumocfg with static traffic lights.
    • sumo -c LuSTScenario.dua.complete.mobility.actuated.sumocfg with actuated traffic lights.
  • Mobility: Dynamic user equilibrium.
    • sumo -c LuSTScenario.due.complete.mobility.static.sumocfg with static traffic lights.
    • sumo -c LuSTScenario.due.complete.mobility.actuated.sumocfg with actuated traffic lights.

A special thanks to Matěj Kubička [] for his contribution to the network topology.


The community needs a scenario with the following requirements:

  • It has to be able to support different kinds of traffic demand such as congested or free-flow patterns.
  • It should support different scenario dimensions.
  • It has to include different road categories (e.g. residential, arterial and highway).
  • It should allow multi-modal evaluations.
  • Is should describe a realistic traffic scenario over one day (i.e. avoid gridlocks and teleportations).

Use Cases

..everything that you can relate with vehicular mobility.

  • Evaluation of different multi-modal strategies for commuters
  • Testing protocols and applications on different scales
  • On-board routing system to provide scenarios with different levels of congestion to test different re-routing algorithms.
  • Test optimisation algorithms for
    • main arterial road (e.g. green waves)
    • emergency protocols (e.g. allow emergency vehicles to be prioritised)
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