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To use this software the following Python 3 libraries are required:

  • pip3 install tqdm pyproj numpy shapely matplotlib rtree folium

To use rtree, libspatialindex-dev is required to be installed.

Eclipse SUMO

This software requires Eclipse SUMO v1.3

The Scenario Generation from OSM

Documentation in docs/

python3 --osm file.osm --out target_directory

Optional parameters:

  --lefthand                Generate a left-hand traffic scenario.
  --population POPULATION   Number of people plans to generate.
  --density DENSITY         Average population density in square kilometers.
  --single-taz              Ignore administrative boundaries and generate only one TAZ.
  --admin-level             Select only the administrative boundaries with the given level and generate the associated TAZs.
  --taz-plot                Plots the TAZs to an HTML file as OSM overlay. (Requires folium)
  --from-step FROM_STEP     For successive iteration of the script,
                            it defines from which step it should start:
                            [0 - Copy default files.]
                            [1 - Run netconvert & polyconvert.]
                            [2 - Run]
                            [3 - Generate parking areas.]
                            [4 - Generate parking area rerouters.]
                            [5 - Extract TAZ from administrative boundaries.]
                            [6 - Generate OD-matrix.]
                            [7 - Generate SUMOActivityGen defaults.]
                            [8 - Run SUMOActivityGen.]
                            [9 - Launch SUMO.]
  --profiling               Enable Python3 cProfile feature.
  --no-profiling            [default] Disable Python3 cProfile feature.

The SUMOActivityGen mobility generator

Documentation in docs/

python3 -c configuration.json

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