Python pipeline to calculate the phylogenetic information of Genbank.
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Phyloboost is a python pipeline that allows the reconstruction, augmentation and visualizaton of the similarity-cluster-based tree sets constructed from an input dataset of sequences. The end point is a data object that can be explored or used to quantify the phylogenetic signal present in whatever dataset acted as the input. While originally developed as a tool to allow the synthesis and calculation of the phylogenetic signal in Genbank for Eukaryotes, it will work on any large set of DNA or RNA sequence data.

  • Pipeline - Actual software pipeline to generate, augment and visualize the clusters.
  • Tools - Scripts helpful in setting up / configuring some pieces of the pipeline and databases.
  • Phyloboost - Web2py web application for visualizing the clusters, trees and taxonomy alignments.

See the webpage or wiki for more information.