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a tool for scanning Facebook privacy settings and fixing unexpected privacy holes
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Using it

  1. go to
  2. drag the bookmarklet into your browser bar
  3. log in to Facebook
  4. click the bookmarklet

Improving it

  1. download the Google AppEngine launcher:
  2. open the launcher
  3. add this directory
  4. click the "Run" button in the launcher
  5. preview in your browser
  6. add the bookmarklet you see there (it will point at your local copy of the bookmarklet)
  7. edit javascripts/privacyscanner.js :)

Known Issues (or, a Todo List)

  • blocked apps are not detected properly
  • does not scan Photo privacy yet
  • does not scan Wall Post privacy yet
  • the scanner for the dropdown settings is wonky sometimes in Firefox
  • "Re-scan" buttons don't work (need to click the bookmarklet instead)
  • Internet Explorer and Opera are not tested (only Safari 4 and FF3 have been tested)
  • need to ensure that this entire list of settings is covered:
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