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Awesome-Freedesktop menu and desktop icons support for Awesome WM 4.x

Original author:Antonio Terceiro
Maintainer:Luca CPZ
Version: git


This is a port of awesome-freedesktop to Awesome 4.x.

See branches for previous versions.

Since the introduction of Menubar as core library for providing menu functionalities in Awesome, we can now avoid all the dirty work by just exploiting menubar.utils functions.

At the initial status of this port, the menu is pretty much complete, while the desktop icons are very basic, so the long term objective will be to complete functionalities on this part too.

More specifically, the todo list is:

  • A better way to handle desktop icons path
  • Ability to drag and line up icons
  • Event-based signals, in particular:
    • Updating trash icon according to its status
    • Dynamic update (no need to restart Awesome to see changes on desktop)


Showcase of Freedesktop support in Awesome, using Adwaita icons

Installation and usage

Read the wiki.