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This is the top level repository for all of orange leap's open
source products.  More information about Orange Leap can be found

List of Projects

- cas                        : Orange Leap's single sign-on implementation based on CAS
- commonBuild                : Orange Leap's common build infrastructure used by all of our products.
- orangeleap-common-security : Orangeleap's common security used by all of our products.
- tangerine                  : Orange Leap's flagship open source constituent relationship management product.
- clementine                 : Orange Leap's flagship end user reporting tool based on jasper server

WARNING:  Currently there is not a guide for building these tools from source (we are working on it).

Building this sweet of tools requires strong working knowledge of the following:

- Java
- Ant
- Ivy/Maven
- Spring Framework
- Spring Integration
- Spring Web Services
- Open LDAP