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This repository has been archived by the owner on May 14, 2024. It is now read-only.


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Project Decomissioned

This project has been decomissioned. I, James Sumners, took it on when it was languishing without any maintenance as it filled a need in the ecosystem and I had built things at a prior organization that depended upon this project. I spent a lot of time triaging issues and reworking things toward a path that could be more easily maintained by a community of volunteers. But I have not had the time to dedicate to this project in quite a while. There are outstanding issues that would take me at least a week of dedicated development time to solve, and I cannot afford to take time off of work to do that. Particularly considering that the aforementioned organization was two jobs ago, and it is extremely unlikely that I will transition to a role again that will need this project.

So, why am I just now deciding to decomission this project? Because today, 2024-05-14, I received the following email:

Abusive email

I will not tolerate abuse, and I especially will not tolerate tacit death threats, over a hobby. You can thank the author of that email for the decomissioning on this project.

My recommendation to you in regard to LDAP operations: write a gateway in a language that is more suited to these types of operations. I'd suggest Go.


P.S.: if I ever do need this project again, I might revive it. But I'd fight hard for my suggestion above. Also, I will consider turning it over to an interested party, but I will require at least one recommendation from a Node.js core contributor that I can vet with the people that I know on that team.