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// Copyright (c) 1999-2009 by Digital Mars
// All Rights Reserved
// written by Walter Bright
// License for redistribution is by either the Artistic License
// in artistic.txt, or the GNU General Public License in gpl.txt.
// See the included readme.txt for details.
#ifndef DMD_HTML_H
#define DMD_HTML_H 1
struct OutBuffer;
struct Html
const char *sourcename;
unsigned char *base; // pointer to start of buffer
unsigned char *end; // past end of buffer
unsigned char *p; // current character
unsigned linnum; // current line number
OutBuffer *dbuf; // code source buffer
int inCode; // !=0 if in code
Html(const char *sourcename, unsigned char *base, unsigned length);
void error(const char *format, ...) IS_PRINTF(2);
void extractCode(OutBuffer *buf);
void skipTag();
void skipString();
unsigned char *skipWhite(unsigned char *q);
void scanComment();
int isCommentStart();
void scanCDATA();
int isCDATAStart();
int charEntity();
static int namedEntity(unsigned char *p, int length);
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