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#include "declaration.h"
#include "mtype.h"
#include "gen/dvalue.h"
#include "gen/llvm.h"
// Nested variable and context helpers
/// Creates the context value for a nested function.
void DtoCreateNestedContext(FuncDeclaration* fd);
/// Resolves the nested context for classes and structs with arbitrary nesting.
#if DMDV2
void DtoResolveNestedContext(Loc loc, AggregateDeclaration *decl, LLValue *value);
void DtoResolveNestedContext(Loc loc, ClassDeclaration *decl, LLValue *value);
/// Gets the context value for a call to a nested function or creating a nested
/// class or struct with arbitrary nesting.
llvm::Value* DtoNestedContext(Loc loc, Dsymbol* sym);
/// Gets the DValue of a nested variable with arbitrary nesting.
DValue* DtoNestedVariable(Loc loc, Type* astype, VarDeclaration* vd, bool byref = false);
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