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#include <set>
struct IrModule;
struct IrFunction;
struct IrStruct;
struct IrGlobal;
struct IrLocal;
struct IrParameter;
struct IrField;
struct IrVar;
struct Dsymbol;
namespace llvm {
class Value;
struct IrDsymbol
static std::set<IrDsymbol*> list;
static void resetAll();
// overload all of these to make sure
// the static list is up to date
IrDsymbol(const IrDsymbol& s);
void reset();
Module* DModule;
bool resolved;
bool declared;
bool initialized;
bool defined;
IrModule* irModule;
IrStruct* irStruct;
IrFunction* irFunc;
IrGlobal* irGlobal;
union {
IrLocal* irLocal;
IrParameter *irParam;
IrField* irField;
IrVar* getIrVar();
llvm::Value*& getIrValue();
bool isSet();
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