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struct ArrayInitializer;
struct DSliceValue;
llvm::StructType* DtoArrayType(Type* arrayTy);
llvm::StructType* DtoArrayType(LLType* elemTy);
llvm::ArrayType* DtoStaticArrayType(Type* sarrayTy);
LLType* DtoConstArrayInitializerType(ArrayInitializer* arrinit);
LLConstant* DtoConstArrayInitializer(ArrayInitializer* si);
LLConstant* DtoConstSlice(LLConstant* dim, LLConstant* ptr, Type *type = 0);
void DtoArrayCopySlices(DSliceValue* dst, DSliceValue* src);
void DtoArrayCopyToSlice(DSliceValue* dst, DValue* src);
void DtoArrayInit(Loc& loc, DValue* array, DValue* value, int op);
#if DMDV2
Type *DtoArrayElementType(Type *arrayType);
bool arrayNeedsPostblit(Type *t);
void DtoArrayAssign(DValue *from, DValue *to, int op);
void DtoArraySetAssign(Loc &loc, DValue *array, DValue *value, int op);
void DtoSetArray(DValue* array, LLValue* dim, LLValue* ptr);
void DtoSetArrayToNull(LLValue* v);
DSliceValue* DtoNewDynArray(Loc& loc, Type* arrayType, DValue* dim, bool defaultInit=true);
DSliceValue* DtoNewMulDimDynArray(Loc& loc, Type* arrayType, DValue** dims, size_t ndims, bool defaultInit=true);
DSliceValue* DtoResizeDynArray(Type* arrayType, DValue* array, llvm::Value* newdim);
void DtoCatAssignElement(Loc& loc, Type* type, DValue* arr, Expression* exp);
DSliceValue* DtoCatAssignArray(DValue* arr, Expression* exp);
DSliceValue* DtoCatArrays(Type* type, Expression* e1, Expression* e2);
#if DMDV1
DSliceValue* DtoCatArrayElement(Type* type, Expression* exp1, Expression* exp2);
DSliceValue* DtoAppendDCharToString(DValue* arr, Expression* exp);
DSliceValue* DtoAppendDCharToUnicodeString(DValue* arr, Expression* exp);
void DtoStaticArrayCopy(LLValue* dst, LLValue* src);
LLValue* DtoArrayEquals(Loc& loc, TOK op, DValue* l, DValue* r);
LLValue* DtoArrayCompare(Loc& loc, TOK op, DValue* l, DValue* r);
LLValue* DtoDynArrayIs(TOK op, DValue* l, DValue* r);
LLValue* DtoArrayCastLength(LLValue* len, LLType* elemty, LLType* newelemty);
LLValue* DtoArrayLen(DValue* v);
LLValue* DtoArrayPtr(DValue* v);
DValue* DtoCastArray(Loc& loc, DValue* val, Type* to);
// generates an array bounds check
void DtoArrayBoundsCheck(Loc& loc, DValue* arr, DValue* index, DValue* lowerBound = 0);
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