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#include "mars.h"
struct FuncDeclaration;
struct Type;
struct IRAsmBlock;
namespace llvm
class Value;
llvm::FunctionType* DtoFunctionType(Type* t, Type* thistype, Type* nesttype, bool ismain = false);
llvm::FunctionType* DtoFunctionType(FuncDeclaration* fdecl);
llvm::FunctionType* DtoBaseFunctionType(FuncDeclaration* fdecl);
void DtoResolveFunction(FuncDeclaration* fdecl);
void DtoDeclareFunction(FuncDeclaration* fdecl);
void DtoDefineFunction(FuncDeclaration* fd);
void DtoDefineNakedFunction(FuncDeclaration* fd);
void emitABIReturnAsmStmt(IRAsmBlock* asmblock, Loc loc, FuncDeclaration* fdecl);
DValue* DtoArgument(Parameter* fnarg, Expression* argexp);
void DtoVariadicArgument(Expression* argexp, llvm::Value* dst);
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