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#include "mars.h"
#include "mtype.h"
#include "expression.h"
#include "gen/warnings.h"
void warnInvalidPrintfCall(Loc loc, Expression* arguments, size_t nargs)
Expression* arg = arguments;
// make sure first argument is a string literal, or we can't do much
// TODO make it smarter ?
if (arg->op != TOKstring)
return; // assume valid
StringExp* strexp = static_cast<StringExp*>(arg);
// not wchar or dhar
if (strexp->sz != 1)
warning(loc, "printf does not support wchar and dchar strings");
#if 0
// check the format string
const char* str = static_cast<char*>(strexp->string);
for (size_t i = 0; i < strexp->len; ++i)
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