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// Compiler implementation of the D programming language
// Copyright (c) 1999-2010 by Digital Mars
// All Rights Reserved
// written by Walter Bright
// License for redistribution is by either the Artistic License
// in artistic.txt, or the GNU General Public License in gnu.txt.
// See the included readme.txt for details.
#ifndef DMD_LEXER_H
#define DMD_LEXER_H
#ifdef __DMC__
#pragma once
#endif /* __DMC__ */
#include "root.h"
#include "mars.h"
struct StringTable;
struct Identifier;
struct Module;
/* Tokens:
( )
[ ]
{ }
< > <= >= == != === !==
<< >> <<= >>= >>> >>>=
+ - += -=
* / % *= /= %=
& | ^ &= |= ^=
= ! ~ @
^^ ^^=
++ --
. -> : ,
? && ||
enum TOK
// Other
TOKlparen, TOKrparen,
TOKlbracket, TOKrbracket,
TOKlcurly, TOKrcurly,
TOKcolon, TOKneg,
TOKsemicolon, TOKdotdotdot,
TOKeof, TOKcast,
TOKnull, TOKassert,
TOKtrue, TOKfalse,
TOKarray, TOKcall,
TOKtype, TOKthrow,
TOKnew, TOKdelete,
TOKstar, TOKsymoff,
TOKvar, TOKdotvar,
TOKdotti, TOKdotexp,
TOKdottype, TOKslice,
TOKarraylength, TOKversion,
TOKmodule, TOKdollar,
TOKtemplate, TOKdottd,
TOKdeclaration, TOKtypeof,
TOKpragma, TOKdsymbol,
TOKtypeid, TOKuadd,
TOKnewanonclass, TOKcomment,
TOKarrayliteral, TOKassocarrayliteral,
// Operators
TOKlt, TOKgt,
TOKle, TOKge,
TOKequal, TOKnotequal,
TOKidentity, TOKnotidentity,
TOKindex, TOKis,
// 60
// NCEG floating point compares
// !<>= <> <>= !> !>= !< !<= !<>
TOKshl, TOKshr,
TOKshlass, TOKshrass,
TOKushr, TOKushrass,
TOKcat, TOKcatass, // ~ ~=
TOKadd, TOKmin, TOKaddass, TOKminass,
TOKmul, TOKdiv, TOKmod,
TOKmulass, TOKdivass, TOKmodass,
TOKand, TOKor, TOKxor,
TOKandass, TOKorass, TOKxorass,
TOKassign, TOKnot, TOKtilde,
TOKplusplus, TOKminusminus, TOKconstruct, TOKblit,
TOKdot, TOKarrow, TOKcomma,
TOKquestion, TOKandand, TOKoror,
TOKpreplusplus, TOKpreminusminus,
// 106
// Numeric literals
TOKint32v, TOKuns32v,
TOKint64v, TOKuns64v,
TOKfloat32v, TOKfloat64v, TOKfloat80v,
TOKimaginary32v, TOKimaginary64v, TOKimaginary80v,
// Char constants
TOKcharv, TOKwcharv, TOKdcharv,
// Leaf operators
TOKidentifier, TOKstring,
TOKthis, TOKsuper,
TOKhalt, TOKtuple,
// Basic types
TOKint8, TOKuns8,
TOKint16, TOKuns16,
TOKint32, TOKuns32,
TOKint64, TOKuns64,
TOKfloat32, TOKfloat64, TOKfloat80,
TOKimaginary32, TOKimaginary64, TOKimaginary80,
TOKcomplex32, TOKcomplex64, TOKcomplex80,
TOKchar, TOKwchar, TOKdchar, TOKbit, TOKbool,
TOKcent, TOKucent,
// 152
// Aggregates
TOKstruct, TOKclass, TOKinterface, TOKunion, TOKenum, TOKimport,
TOKtypedef, TOKalias, TOKoverride, TOKdelegate, TOKfunction,
TOKalign, TOKextern, TOKprivate, TOKprotected, TOKpublic, TOKexport,
TOKstatic, /*TOKvirtual,*/ TOKfinal, TOKconst, TOKabstract, TOKvolatile,
TOKdebug, TOKdeprecated, TOKin, TOKout, TOKinout, TOKlazy,
TOKauto, TOKpackage, TOKmanifest, TOKimmutable,
// Statements
TOKif, TOKelse, TOKwhile, TOKfor, TOKdo, TOKswitch,
TOKcase, TOKdefault, TOKbreak, TOKcontinue, TOKwith,
TOKsynchronized, TOKreturn, TOKgoto, TOKtry, TOKcatch, TOKfinally,
TOKasm, TOKforeach, TOKforeach_reverse,
TOKon_scope_exit, TOKon_scope_failure, TOKon_scope_success,
// Contracts
TOKbody, TOKinvariant,
// Testing
// Added after 1.0
#if DMDV2
// LDC specific
#define TOKwild TOKinout
#define BASIC_TYPES \
TOKwchar: case TOKdchar: \
case TOKbit: case TOKbool: case TOKchar: \
case TOKint8: case TOKuns8: \
case TOKint16: case TOKuns16: \
case TOKint32: case TOKuns32: \
case TOKint64: case TOKuns64: \
case TOKfloat32: case TOKfloat64: case TOKfloat80: \
case TOKimaginary32: case TOKimaginary64: case TOKimaginary80: \
case TOKcomplex32: case TOKcomplex64: case TOKcomplex80: \
case TOKvoid
#define BASIC_TYPES_X(t) \
TOKvoid: t = Type::tvoid; goto LabelX; \
case TOKint8: t = Type::tint8; goto LabelX; \
case TOKuns8: t = Type::tuns8; goto LabelX; \
case TOKint16: t = Type::tint16; goto LabelX; \
case TOKuns16: t = Type::tuns16; goto LabelX; \
case TOKint32: t = Type::tint32; goto LabelX; \
case TOKuns32: t = Type::tuns32; goto LabelX; \
case TOKint64: t = Type::tint64; goto LabelX; \
case TOKuns64: t = Type::tuns64; goto LabelX; \
case TOKfloat32: t = Type::tfloat32; goto LabelX; \
case TOKfloat64: t = Type::tfloat64; goto LabelX; \
case TOKfloat80: t = Type::tfloat80; goto LabelX; \
case TOKimaginary32: t = Type::timaginary32; goto LabelX; \
case TOKimaginary64: t = Type::timaginary64; goto LabelX; \
case TOKimaginary80: t = Type::timaginary80; goto LabelX; \
case TOKcomplex32: t = Type::tcomplex32; goto LabelX; \
case TOKcomplex64: t = Type::tcomplex64; goto LabelX; \
case TOKcomplex80: t = Type::tcomplex80; goto LabelX; \
case TOKbool: t = Type::tbool; goto LabelX; \
case TOKchar: t = Type::tchar; goto LabelX; \
case TOKwchar: t = Type::twchar; goto LabelX; \
case TOKdchar: t = Type::tdchar; goto LabelX; \
struct Token
Token *next;
unsigned char *ptr; // pointer to first character of this token within buffer
enum TOK value;
unsigned char *blockComment; // doc comment string prior to this token
unsigned char *lineComment; // doc comment for previous token
// Integers
d_int64 int64value;
d_uns64 uns64value;
// Floats
#ifdef IN_GCC
// real_t float80value; // can't use this in a union!
d_float80 float80value;
{ unsigned char *ustring; // UTF8 string
unsigned len;
unsigned char postfix; // 'c', 'w', 'd'
Identifier *ident;
#ifdef IN_GCC
real_t float80value; // can't use this in a union!
static const char *tochars[TOKMAX];
static void *operator new(size_t sz);
int isKeyword();
void print();
const char *toChars();
static const char *toChars(enum TOK);
struct Lexer
static StringTable stringtable;
static OutBuffer stringbuffer;
static Token *freelist;
Loc loc; // for error messages
unsigned char *base; // pointer to start of buffer
unsigned char *end; // past end of buffer
unsigned char *p; // current character
Token token;
Module *mod;
int doDocComment; // collect doc comment information
int anyToken; // !=0 means seen at least one token
int commentToken; // !=0 means comments are TOKcomment's
Lexer(Module *mod,
unsigned char *base, unsigned begoffset, unsigned endoffset,
int doDocComment, int commentToken);
static void initKeywords();
static Identifier *idPool(const char *s);
static Identifier *uniqueId(const char *s);
static Identifier *uniqueId(const char *s, int num);
TOK nextToken();
TOK peekNext();
TOK peekNext2();
void scan(Token *t);
Token *peek(Token *t);
Token *peekPastParen(Token *t);
unsigned escapeSequence();
TOK wysiwygStringConstant(Token *t, int tc);
TOK hexStringConstant(Token *t);
#if DMDV2
TOK delimitedStringConstant(Token *t);
TOK tokenStringConstant(Token *t);
TOK escapeStringConstant(Token *t, int wide);
TOK charConstant(Token *t, int wide);
void stringPostfix(Token *t);
unsigned wchar(unsigned u);
TOK number(Token *t);
TOK inreal(Token *t);
void error(const char *format, ...) IS_PRINTF(2);
void error(Loc loc, const char *format, ...) IS_PRINTF(3);
void verror(Loc loc, const char *format, va_list ap);
void pragma();
unsigned decodeUTF();
void getDocComment(Token *t, unsigned lineComment);
static int isValidIdentifier(char *p);
static unsigned char *combineComments(unsigned char *c1, unsigned char *c2);
Loc tokenLoc();
#endif /* DMD_LEXER_H */
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