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// Compiler implementation of the D programming language
// Copyright (c) 1999-2007 by Digital Mars
// All Rights Reserved
// written by Walter Bright
// License for redistribution is by either the Artistic License
// in artistic.txt, or the GNU General Public License in gnu.txt.
// See the included readme.txt for details.
#ifndef DMD_IMPORT_H
#define DMD_IMPORT_H
#ifdef __DMC__
#pragma once
#endif /* __DMC__ */
#include "dsymbol.h"
struct Identifier;
struct Scope;
struct OutBuffer;
struct Module;
struct Package;
struct AliasDeclaration;
struct HdrGenState;
struct Import : Dsymbol
Identifiers *packages; // array of Identifier's representing packages
Identifier *id; // module Identifier
Identifier *aliasId;
int isstatic; // !=0 if static import
enum PROT protection;
// Pairs of alias=name to bind into current namespace
Identifiers names;
Identifiers aliases;
AliasDeclarations aliasdecls; // AliasDeclarations for names/aliases
Module *mod;
Package *pkg; // leftmost package/module
Import(Loc loc, Identifiers *packages, Identifier *id, Identifier *aliasId,
int isstatic);
void addAlias(Identifier *name, Identifier *alias);
const char *kind();
enum PROT prot();
Dsymbol *syntaxCopy(Dsymbol *s); // copy only syntax trees
void load(Scope *sc);
void importAll(Scope *sc);
void semantic(Scope *sc);
void semantic2(Scope *sc);
Dsymbol *toAlias();
int addMember(Scope *sc, ScopeDsymbol *s, int memnum);
Dsymbol *search(Loc loc, Identifier *ident, int flags);
int overloadInsert(Dsymbol *s);
void toCBuffer(OutBuffer *buf, HdrGenState *hgs);
Import *isImport() { return this; }
#endif /* DMD_IMPORT_H */
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