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#ifndef LDC_IR_IRVAR_H
#define LDC_IR_IRVAR_H
#include "ir/ir.h"
#include "llvm/Type.h"
struct IrFuncTyArg;
struct IrVar : IrBase
IrVar(VarDeclaration* var);
VarDeclaration* V;
llvm::Value* value;
// represents a global variable
struct IrGlobal : IrVar
IrGlobal(VarDeclaration* v);
llvm::Type *type;
llvm::Constant* constInit;
// represents a local variable variable
struct IrLocal : IrVar
IrLocal(VarDeclaration* v);
// Used for hybrid nested context creation.
int nestedDepth;
int nestedIndex;
// represents a function parameter
struct IrParameter : IrLocal
IrParameter(VarDeclaration* v);
IrFuncTyArg *arg;
bool isVthis; // true, if it is the 'this' parameter
// represents an aggregate field variable
struct IrField : IrVar
IrField(VarDeclaration* v);
unsigned index;
unsigned unionOffset;
llvm::Constant* getDefaultInit();
/// FIXME: only used for StructLiteralsExps
llvm::Constant* constInit;
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