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//===-- ir/irlandingpad.h - Codegen state for EH blocks ---------*- C++ -*-===//
// LDC – the LLVM D compiler
// This file is distributed under the BSD-style LDC license. See the LICENSE
// file for details.
// State kept while doing codegen for a single "EH block" consisting of
// of several catch/finally/cleanup clauses. Handles nesting of these blocks.
#include "statement.h"
#include <deque>
#include <stack>
namespace llvm {
class Type;
class Value;
class BasicBlock;
class Function;
class LandingPadInst;
// holds information about a single catch
struct IRLandingPadCatchInfo
// default constructor for being able to store in a vector
IRLandingPadCatchInfo() :
target(NULL), end(0), catchStmt(NULL), catchType(0)
IRLandingPadCatchInfo(Catch* catchStmt, llvm::BasicBlock* end);
// codegen the catch block
void toIR();
llvm::BasicBlock *target;
llvm::BasicBlock *end;
Catch *catchStmt;
ClassDeclaration *catchType;
// holds information about a single finally
class IRLandingPadCatchFinallyInfo
virtual ~IRLandingPadCatchFinallyInfo() {}
virtual void toIR(LLValue *eh_ptr) = 0;
class IRLandingPadFinallyStatementInfo : public IRLandingPadCatchFinallyInfo
IRLandingPadFinallyStatementInfo(Statement *finallyBody);
// codegen the finally block
void toIR(LLValue *eh_ptr);
// the body of finally
Statement *finallyBody;
// holds information about a single try-catch-inally block
struct IRLandingPadScope
explicit IRLandingPadScope(llvm::BasicBlock *target_ = NULL) :
target(target_), finally(0), isFinallyCreatedInternally(false) {}
// the target for invokes
llvm::BasicBlock *target;
// information about catch blocks
std::deque<IRLandingPadCatchInfo> catches;
// information about a finally block
IRLandingPadCatchFinallyInfo *finally;
bool isFinallyCreatedInternally;
// holds information about all possible catch and finally actions
// and can emit landing pads to be called from the unwind runtime
struct IRLandingPad
IRLandingPad() : catch_var(NULL) {}
// creates a new landing pad according to given infos
// and the ones on the stack. also stores it as invoke target
void push(llvm::BasicBlock* inBB);
// add catch information, will be used in next call to push
void addCatch(Catch* catchstmt, llvm::BasicBlock* end);
// add finally statement, will be used in next call to push
void addFinally(Statement* finallyStmt);
// add finally information, will be used in next call to push
void addFinally(IRLandingPadCatchFinallyInfo *finallyInfo);
// builds the most recently constructed landing pad
// and the catch blocks, then pops the landing pad bb
// and its infos
void pop();
// creates or gets storage for exception object
llvm::Value* getExceptionStorage();
friend class IRLandingPadFinallyStatementInfo;
// gets the current landing pad
llvm::BasicBlock* get();
// constructs the landing pad
void constructLandingPad(IRLandingPadScope scope);
// information about try-catch-finally blocks
std::stack<IRLandingPadScope> scopeStack;
IRLandingPadScope unpushedScope;
// storage for the catch variable
llvm::Value* catch_var;
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