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LDC needs repackaging in Debian #154

russel opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The current ldc package in Debian is for D 1.056 and appears to have come from source resident in a Mercurial repository. Someone needs to establish a relationship with Arthur Loiret, the listed package maintainer, and get a new release of LDC into the Debian repository.


The underlying problem is that there wasn't really a maintainer for the project for quite some time now. Thus, we didn't even have an official release to bug people about.

But things are going to get better soon – I've de-facto assumed maintainership, and Kai and I are working to get the code in shape for a release in the next two weeks or so (after DMD 2.060 has been merged), complete with official announcements and all.


Oh my! Will this include binary releases? ^_^
Can you please make sure to produce binary released for Win32 and Win64 as well? :)


Wow, seems like this issue hasn't been looked at in a very long time. We have proper releases at this point, and thanks to Konstantinos, there have even been Debian packages for quite some while now.


I had forgotten about this issue, mostly as I compile LDC from source these days. Even discovering LDC 0.14.0 package and installing it on Debian Sid (as a backup) failed to remind me. I guess it is nice to be able to close an issue as resolved without having to do much :-)

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