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LDC 1.29.0-beta1

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@kinke kinke released this 10 Mar 13:24

Big news

  • Frontend, druntime and Phobos are at version 2.099.0+. (#3917, #3893, #3937)
  • Support for LLVM 13. The prebuilt packages use v13.0.1. (#3842)
  • On Linux, LDC doesn't default to the linker anymore. The combination of LLVM 13 and older gold linkers can apparently cause problems. We recommend using LLD, e.g., via -linker=lld or by setting your default /usr/bin/ld symlink; it's significantly faster too.
  • -linkonce-templates is less aggressive by default now and IMHO production-ready. (#3924)
  • When linking manually (not via LDC) against shared druntime, it is now required to link the bundled lib/ldc_rt.dso.o[bj] object file into each binary. It replaces the previously Windows-specific dso_windows.obj. (#3850)
  • Breaking extern(D) ABI change for all targets: formal parameters of non-variadic functions aren't reversed anymore, in line with the spec. For 32-bit x86, the first parameter is accordingly now potentially passed in EAX, not the last one. So non-variadic extern(D) functions with multiple explicit parameters will break if expecting parameters in specific registers or stack slots, e.g., naked DMD-style inline assembly. (#3873, ldc-developers/phobos@3d725fc)

Bug fixes

Supported LLVM versions

  • 6.0 up to 13.0.

Known issues

  • When building LDC, old LDC 0.17.*/ltsmaster host compilers miscompile LDC ≥ 1.21, leading to potential segfaults of the built LDC. Ltsmaster can still be used to bootstrap a first compiler and then let that compiler compile itself. (#3354)