Latest commit acfa2df Aug 17, 2017 @kinke kinke [MSVC] CMake: Prepare for LLVM 5.0
Some LLVM libs were missing from the linker flags for current LLVM 5.0.
It was only during troubleshooting that I noticed the MSVC special case in
FindLLVM.cmake. Getting rid of it entirely made the issues disappear. I
checked llvm-config.exe, and it's returning appropriate switches for the
MS toolchain, no need for special processing.

This apparently also leads to LLVM_CXXFLAGS being used for the first time
when building with MSVC. These include /W4, a level further up from
CMake's default /W3, so I disabled a few more frequent warnings.

I also had to link in a lib from Microsoft's Debug Info Access SDK
manually. As the VS command prompt unfortunately doesn't even include the
DIA SDK dir in the LIBPATH environment variable, I even had to specify a
full path, relying on the `VSINSTALLDIR` environment variable.


Building druntime/Phobos for D2

LDC currently needs custom forks of druntime and Phobos. They are integrated
with the main repository using Git submodules. To build them, make sure you
have up-to-date copies of the submodules in your local repository:

$ git submodule update -i

The libraries should then be built and installed automatically along with the
compiler itself. If, for some reason, you want to build them separately, the
targets are:

$ make runtime
$ make phobos2

Building Tango for D1

This directory used to contain scripts for building Tango for LDC/D1, which
became obsolete after LDC support was added to its build system, and were
consequently removed. Please use the official Tango build system (bob) from
now on.