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CHANGELOG 06 December 2009 Rick Blair
1. Merged in all outstanding patches.
CHANGELOG 06 February 2008 Scott Cytacki
1. Added code to make it easier to debug communication with other mdns implementations.
- keeping track of the the address which sent a dns record
- flag to turning off domain-name compression
- flag to use non domain-name format for targets of SRV records
- checks for conflicts from our own source address.
Added the UNIQUE flag which is referred to the "cache flush bit" by the spec, on SRV
and TXT records sent to announce a Service.
2. Made TimerTasks inside of JmDNSImpl into toplevel classes in a new package:
javax.jmdns.impl.tasks This required making several method publics and encapsulating
several fields with public getters and setters. All these changes were done using Eclipse
refactoring so there is a log chance of error. I will be testing it with the Conformance
Test to make sure it hasn't regressed.
CHANGELOG 05 February 2008 Scott Cytacki
1. Moved implementation classes into a impl package. This paves the way for further
refactoring. By putting all the jmdns api classes and interfaces in one package, the impl
classes can be split up more without exposing public classes and methods that aren't
part of the jmdns api. This change breaks the old api, because the JmDNS and ServiceInfo
classes cannot be instanciated directly. Instead there are factory methods to create them.
CHANGELOG 01 February 2008 Scott Cytacki
1. Fixed an error in the way ServiceInfo was constructing the text array for the TXT
record. The length byte was being omitted if the ServiceInfo constructor was called
with the last argument of a String. Added better handling of unsupported dns label
types. The Apple Bonjour conformance test sends SRV records with target strings that
have lengths longer than 63, so the top 2 bits get used.
CHANGELOG 25 January 2008 Scott Cytacki
1. Consolidated most places where the ServiceInfo object was turned into a set of dns records.
And most places where the localHost (HostInfo) object was turned into dns records.
There is still one place that is duplicated (JmDNS.Responder) because it adds the dns records
to a list first, removes known answers, and finally adds them to DNSOutgoing.
CHANGELOG 17 January 2008 Scott Cytacki
1. Added eclipse project files. Forced the eclipse project to use java 1.4
2. Changed the eclipse project to store built files in eclipse-lib because lib was already
being used.
3. Added eclipse code formating configuration files. They should match follow the turbine
coding standards which have been used in this project:
Also this includes a minor formating clean up of JmDNS class.
4. Changed Logger.getLogger parameter to use class.getName instead of class.toString. This is because
class.toString returns for example "class javax.jmdns.JmDNS" while class.getName returns "javax.jmdns.JmDNS".
The "class " messes up the logging hierarchical structure. This javadoc specifices the string should be
dot separated:
Also this post to the mailing list talks about this issue:
In that case getCanonicalName was used but that is only in Java 1.5 and basically does the same thing
for normal classes.
CHANGELOG 16 July 2005 Rick Blair
1. Added Apache License Version 2.0
2. Added shutdown fix as identifed by Scott Lewis
3. Added copyright notice.
4. General code cleanup.
CHANGELOG 30 November 2004 rawcoder
1. IPv6 support
- RFE 890432: IPv6 support implemented
2. Logging
- Logging is done using the Java Logger API now
3. Bug fixes
- JmDNS reannounces services after their TTL has timed out.
4. Plattform dependency
- Due to the changes done for IPv6 support and the logging,
JmDNS requires now a JVM supporting a J2SE 1.4 API.
CHANGELOG 6 June 2004 rawcoder
1. General API Changes
- RFE 868432: Changed listener API to comply with the commonly used
EventListener/EventObject idiom
- RFE 868433: Added a list method to class JmDNS which can be used to
retrieve a list of available services without having to
implement a ServiceListener.
- RFE 892855: All API's use now unqualified service instance names
2. General implementation changes
- JmDNS now runs through the Rendezvous Conformance Test, when the options
"-M hn" are used.
- Threads are now handled differently. ServiceListeners and
ServiceTypeListeners can not assume anymore that they are invoked from
the AWT event dispatcher thread.
- States are now handled explicitly using class DNSState.
3. DNSCache
- Removed the hash table code and use now a java.util.Hashtable.
- This reduces the overall size of the class.
4. DNSConstants
- Added several new time interval constants.
5. DNSEntry
- Now overrides method hashCode() to return a value, that is consistent with
method equals().
6. DNSIncoming
- Added a warning to constant EMPTY. Using this constant is dangerous, because a Vector
is mutable. Thus it can not be used as a constant this way.
- Made many instance variables and methods private.
- Added more output to method print(), to help me debug JmDNS.
- Optimized StringBuffer handling in method toString().
- Added methods isTruncated() and append().
- DNSIncoming must adjust variables numAnswers, numAuthorities, numAdditionals when skipping records.
7. DNSOutgoing
- Made as many instance variables private as I could.
- Added assertions (using if-Statements) to all add...() methods to prevent construction of
illegal data structures.
8. DNSRecord
- Made as many instance variables private as I could.
- Moved code from class JmDNS into class DNSRecord. The new operations are named: handleQuery()
handleResponse() and addAnswer(). This is to get rid of the big switch-statements that were
in method handleQuery() and handleResponse() of class JmDNS.
This does somehow make the relationship between these two classes a little bit more complex though.
9. JmDNS
- Added comments to some of the instance variables.
- Added an instance variable named 'state' to track the state of the host name published by JmDNS, and of
JmDNS itself.
- Replaced instance variable 'Vector browsers' by a hash map named 'serviceListeners'.
- Got rid of the query cache. All caching is done now by a single cache.
- Added instance variables for counting probe throttles.
- Added an instance variable named 'hostNameCount' to create a new host name, when a conflict was detected.
- Added a java.util.Timer. All outgoing messages and maintenance of the cache is now coordinated using the
timer. This greatly reduces the number of concurrent threads.
- Added an instance variable named 'ioLock'. This lock is used to coordinate the incoming listener thread
with the timer tasks.
- Added a static variable named 'random'. It is used to generate random delays for responses.
- All outgoing tasks such as probing, announcing, responding and canceling are now handled by instances of
- Added an instance variable named 'task', to keep track of timer tasks associated with the host name.
- Transferred code from JmDNS to DNSRecord to get rid of some ugly switch statements.
10. ServiceInfo
- Added an instance variable named 'state' to track the state of the service.
This is used only, if the service is published by JmDNS.
- Added an instance variable named 'task', to keep track of timer tasks associated with the service info.
11. Sample code
- Added a "samples" package to JmDNS. This package contains sample
programs for JmDNS.
12. JavaDoc
- Added a "package.html" file for each package. This file holds package
documentation used by JavaDoc.
13. Build
- Added a "samples" task to build.xml.
- The "javadoc" task puts now a version number into the header of
each generated page.
CHANGELOG 21 APRIL 2004 RickBlair
1. JmDNS
-Fixed broken additionals in the Query Function.
-Added additionals to the SVC query.
CHANGELOG 28-29 MAR 2004 jeffs
1. JmDNS
- Added probing thread to handle address record probing and conflicts
- Fixed wait times to be in line with the draft mDNS spec.
- Added query cache so can check if another machine is also
probing for our address.
- Added support for slowing down the request rate during
probing as per the draft mDNS spec.
- Added conflict checks.
- General code clean up.
- changed visibility of static debug variable to public
so apps can check it and decide to do their own logging and so on
- changed visbility of all non-static variables to private
- added package protected method getCache()
- broke up handleQuery() into:
private DNSOutgoing typeA()
private DNSOutgoing typePTR()
private DNSOutgoing findService()
- reduced handleQuery() synchronized block
to just cover Socket.send() call
[need to figure out what else needs synchronization]
2. ServiceInfo
- changed all calls to JmDNS cache variable
to use JmDNS getCache() accessor instead
- replaced javadoc comment
so the javadoc tool would quit whining
3. DNSConstants
- Added constants for wait times and probe times.
- changed to be a final class
- changed all references to it's fields in all other classes
to read DNSConstants.whatever
Know Problems.
-- The additional section is broken in handleQuery. This will be fixed in the next go round.
-- Service probing is still not to spec. No conflict resolution.
-- Still can blow address space on very busy networks.