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What? Yet another one for emacs? Not really, this one simply aims to make it even easier to install packages for emacs on top of the starter-kit.

You simply list what packages you want as described below and fire up emacs. They're all pulled in as requested from either elpa, el-get or both.

You can mix and match from both el-get and elpa as desired.

What does it do?

Primarily the motivation for my-starter-kit was my wanting to take what both the official starter-kit provided, and add the ability to auto-configure additional packages to be included.

Secondly, I wanted to be able to keep my configuration logically organised, but without having to add additional hooks in the init.el file to pull them in. All I wanted to do was drop in another file and have it picked up automatically (at start). Thus, I can create my-ecb-settings.el, or my-ruby-hooks.el in the right places and voila!

Where do I put my configuration files?

my-starter-kit looks for the following files, in the order given, ignoring any that don't exist:


So it will actually do nothing apart from loading the starter-kit if you don't configure anything! For some, that'll be all you want. When it comes time, however, to adding more features than is packaged by default with emacs my-starter-kit provides the easy solution to automate pulling these in. And, you can then put ~/.emacs.d/-my-starer-kit into version control.

Step by step guide

  1. download my-starter-kit via git clone to anywhere you like. e.g.,

     mkdir -p ~/.emacs.d
     cd ~/.emacs.d
     git clone git://
  2. create your ~/.emacs.d/init.el with the following content

     ;; just load my stuff please
     (add-to-list 'load-path (concat user-emacs-directory "my-starter-kit"))
     (require 'my-starter-kit)
  3. create ~/.emacs.d/-starter-kit/package/msk-package-sources.el file which defines the packages to automatically pull in via the emacs package facility

     ;; define provider for preferred packages
     (provide 'msk-package-sources)
     ;; my packages
     (defconst msk-preferred-packages
       "My required packages for launch.")
       ;; end file
  4. create ~/.emacs.d/-starter-kit/package/msk-el-get-sources.el file which defines the packages to automatically pull in via the el-get facility

     ;; define provider for preferred el-get packages
     (provide 'msk-el-get-sources)
     ;; define additional packages sources to install via el-get
     (setq msk-el-get-sources
           '((:name ecb
                    :type git
                    :url "git://"
                           :load "ecb.el")
             (:name rinari
                    :type git
                    :url "git://")))
     (setq msk-el-get-packages
            '(el-get rinari ecb)
            (mapcar 'el-get-source-name msk-el-get-sources)))
     ;; end
  5. create ~/.emacs.d/-starter-kit/settings/*-settings.el files for individually provided per feature configurations. Example files:

  6. create ~/.emacs.d/-starter-kit/hooks/*-hooks.el files to create any mode hooks you desire

  7. Enjoy!


Currently the el-get package is asynchronously downloaded (which I need to fix). So it may fail the first time. Just quit emacs and start again once it says el-get has been downloaded.


If you find this package for emacs useful or have any suggestions to make it better, feel free to contribute or let me know!