PISA's PL4 Format

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Binary file byte's positions

PL4 Description


  • ?TMAX? - This field is related to TMAX, however it is not exactly TMAX. Still needs further investigation;
  • DELTAT - 4 bytes IEEE 754 floating point, little endian;
  • #VAR X2 - In this field there is twice the number of variables. Not including the time. (4 bytes integer);
  • PL4 SIZE+1 - The PL4 file size in bytes + 1 byte (4 bytes integer);
  • The 'row' 4 precedes the variables description. It is filled with zeroes;
    • Every variable 'row' starts with the sequence of 202020 in the first three bytes;
    • The following byte 'VT', or fourth 'column', contains the variable type (ascii encoding);
    • The next 6 bytes are the "Node From" (ascii encoding);
    • The next 6 bytes are the "Node To" (ascii encoding);
  • In 'row' 5 + the number of variables, the actual data is recorded:
    • They are composed of 4 bytes fields for IEEE 754 floating point, little endian;
    • The first 4 bytes are the time for the first simulation step;
    • Then comes the variables data, in the same sequence which the variables are given, for the first time step;
      • The above mentioned sequence repeats for all simulation's steps.
  • With the current information, the number of simulations steps can be calculated as: STEPS = (PL4 SIZE - 5*16 - #VAR*16) / ((#VAR+1)*4);
    • This information allows to dynamically allocate the array to store the simulations results with the dimensions of STEPS x #VAR+1 (the +1 stands for the time column);
  • As consequence, TMAX = (STEPS-1)*DELTAT;

Variables Types

Translation codes for VT byte. This table still needs to be filled with other variables types.

Integer Description PL4 WideNN Adopted
4 Node voltage V-node V-node
7 Branch energy I-bran E-bran
8 Branch voltage V-bran V-bran
9 Branch current I-bran I-bran
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