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This website is statically generated, the output files can be reached here.

The bulk of the generation happens in the Makefile, it should be fairly easy to understand how it works by reading. It depends on the following:

I also make use of GNU Make and nix. The dependencies can easily be installed by running nix-shell in this directory.

I would like to thank the creators, contributors and maintainers of these projects.

Makefile explanations

The default target, all, depends on the list of generated files in the master directory (master/index.html, ...).

The master target creates an empty repository pointing to the master branch.

The master/%... targets all depend on master in an order-only way, this means that updates to master won't cause these targets to be considered out of date. They also all begin with mkdir --parents "$(@D)", making sure that their output directory is present when created (the target master/test/test would cause mkdir --parents master/test).

Some targets are helpers:

  • push always builds from scratch, minifies said build, commits and pushes it
  • clean removes the contents of master except from .git. Note that, usually, clean is defined to delete build artifacts
  • fclean completely deletes master. Note that, usually, fclean depends on clean and deletes the build result
  • re deletes and rebuilds everything
  • serve runs a local web server, hosting the contents of a build
  • watch starts a process that will make whenever the source files are touched
  • dev runs serve and watch in parallel

These helper targets are declared as .PHONY, they will always cause make to run their recipes because they don't have an output on the filesystem.

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