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Solar Power Cost Calculator
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Solar Power Cost Calculator - SPCC


Copyright 2013 Luís de Sousa. All rights reserved. Any use of this software constitutes full acceptance of all terms of the software's licence.


This software is intended to help investors assess the costs of investing on Photo-Voltaics technology. Its final output is a set of values in €/kWh as function of system lifetime. This provides the investor with a direct comparison with the cost of electricity supplied by the grid at the same location. Detailed information on the method and the mathematical expressions used is available at this blog post AtTheEdgeOfTime [0].

SPCC can be used online, also AtTheEdgeOfTime [1].



Software dependencies

This code is dependent on the following JavaScript libraries:

. jQuery 1.8.3 [2];

. Highcharts 3.0 [3]




SPCC is released under the EUPL 1.1 licence [4]. For further details please read the LICENCE file.


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