A grid-view component for iOS, working almost like UITableView
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iOS 6.0 minimum. 32/64 bits compatible. This is old stuff, please stop forking it. Who the hell would use that today?


Without any further information, all the sources provided here are under the MIT License quoted in NRGridView/LICENSE.

What is NRGridView

NRGridView is a grid-view UI component (built as a static library) which has been developed by Louka Desroziers, for Novedia Regions. How it works? Almost like UITableView works. You set a dataSource, and a delegate.. and you implement all @required methods. It also has a 'layoutStyle'. It means you can use it as a vertical gridView, or horizontal grid-view!

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If you got any suggestions, or if you need more UITableView-like methods, do not hesitate to email me via github

Latest Changelog


- (void)reloadCellsAtIndexPaths:(NSArray *)indexPaths withCellAnimation:(NRGridViewCellAnimation)cellAnimation;

- (void)reloadSections:(NSIndexSet *)sections withCellAnimation:(NRGridViewCellAnimation)cellAnimation;

typedef enum{ ��

NRGridViewCellAnimationFade, NRGridViewCellAnimationRight, NRGridViewCellAnimationLeft, NRGridViewCellAnimationTop, NRGridViewCellAnimationBottom, NRGridViewCellAnimationNone, NRGridViewCellAnimationAutomatic, } NRGridViewCellAnimation;

- (NSArray*)visibleCellsAtIndexPaths:(NSArray*)indexPaths;


Referencing this project in your AboutBox is appreciated. Please tell me if you use this class so we can cross-reference our projects.

Enjoy, and share ;)