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Pull Request Manager for Maintainers
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PRM - Pull Request Manager

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If you are a maintainer of Open Source Software, you need to review a lot of PR, this tool is made for you.

With the GitHub feature "repository maintainer permissions on existing pull requests", now we can edit real PR branch. This tool allow to easily manage PR branches and remotes.


💼 Features:

  • Checkout a PR (interactively or by its number)
  • Remove a PR (interactively or by its number)
  • Remove all "checkouted" PRs for a project.
  • Push on a PR.
  • Display all "checkouted" PR (for a project or for all projects)
  • Manage all your repositories.
  • Save your configuration: config/prm (or ~/.prm on Windows)
  • Only works with GitHub.

📦 How to install:

💡 How to use:

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