Lightweight URL shortener
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What does Lstu mean?

It means Let's Shorten That Url.


Lstu is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL. See the LICENSE file.


Please, see the wiki.

Or you can see usage with Docker.

How many URLs can it handle ?

By default, there are 8 361 453 672 available combinations.

I think the sqlite db will explode before you reach this limit, but you can use PostgreSQL or MySQL as database instead of SQLite.

If you want more shortened URLs than that, open lstu.conf and change the length setting.

Every time somebody uses Lstu, it will create 'waiting' shortened URLs codes in order to be quick to shorten the URLs.

Accordingly to the lstu.conf configuration file, it will create provisioning waiting URLs, adding them provis_step by provis_step.

Official instance

You can see it working and use it at


See Your instance will provide the same page with your URL.


See the contributing guidelines.

Other projects dependencies

Lstu is written in Perl with the Mojolicious framework and uses Milligram CSS framework to look not too ugly.


See the file.