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Commits on Sep 22, 2012
  1. JPImagePickerController v0.0.1

  2. Christoph Jerolimov

    [Fix] ZBarSDK requires the original project structure which was no more

    jerolimov authored
          provided (by the new CocoaPods version?). Replace the override
          copy_header_mapping hack with newer header_mappings_dir option.
  3. Fabio Pelosin

    Merge pull request #530 from keenlabs/master

    fabiopelosin authored
    Add KeenClient 3.0.0 spec
  4. Daniel Kador

    add KeenClient 3.0.0 spec

    dkador authored
    add KeenClient 3.0.0 spec
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. Adam Kirk

    [Update] MTDates (0.6.0)

    atomkirk authored
  2. Oliver Drobnik
  3. Oliver Drobnik

    Removed cleanpaths

    Cocoanetics authored
  4. Kevin Renskers

    Added LastFm 0.2.1

    kevinrenskers authored
  5. Oliver Drobnik
  6. Kevin Renskers

    Added LastFm 0.2.0

    kevinrenskers authored
  7. Fabio Pelosin

    Merge pull request #529 from dunkelstern/master

    fabiopelosin authored
    Add DSTPickerView a drop-in replacement for UIPickerView
  8. Fabio Pelosin

    Merge pull request #524 from nschum/dropbox

    fabiopelosin authored
    Dropbox SDK 1.3.2
  9. Fabio Pelosin

    Merge pull request #526 from samsoffes/master

    fabiopelosin authored
    Bully 0.2.0
  10. Kauserali
  11. Eloy Durán

    Make the UrbanAirship spec work on Ruby 1.8.x and 1.9.x.

    alloy authored
    At least until we get to the actual cause of the problems.
  12. Francis Chong

    add Crittercism 3.3.4

    siuying authored
  13. Eloy Durán
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
  1. [Add] DSTPickerView (1.0) [Johannes Schriewer]

    Johannes Schriewer (Dunkelstern) authored
  2. Jens Kohl

    Merge pull request #528 from jk/update/FlurrySDK_4.0.4

    jk authored
    Update Flurry SDK to version 4.0.4 (Xcode 4.5 compatible)
  3. Kauserali
  4. Kevin Renskers

    RemoteConfig 1.0.1

    kevinrenskers authored
  5. Jens Kohl
  6. Fabio Pelosin
  7. James Coleman
  8. Kevin Renskers
  9. Tatsuro Ueda
  10. Florian R. Hanke

    Fixing the spec

    floere authored
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
  1. Fabio Ritrovato
  2. Ben Bloch

    Merge pull request #527 from robertmurray/patch-1

    benbinary authored
    Update UrbanAirship-iOS-SDK / 1.3.1 to 1.3.3
  3. Update UrbanAirship-iOS-SDK / 1.3.1 to 1.3.3

    Robert Murray authored
    Update UrbanAirship-iOS-SDK / 1.3.1 to latest UrbanAirship-iOS-SDK / 1.3.3 
    Also added google-toolbox-for-mac to the exclude list. 
  4. James Coleman
  5. Sam Soffes

    Add Bully 0.2.0

    soffes authored
  6. Davide Krähenbühl Fabio Pelosin

    [UPDATE] UAModalPanel

    d4kr authored fabiopelosin committed
  7. Blake Watters
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