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This is work in progress. If you encounter any problems while compiling or using it, it is likely our mistake not yours. Please contact with questions, comments, and suggestions.


This is an implementation of the CRF autoencoder framework for four tasks:

  • bitext word alignment
  • part-of-speech tagging
  • code switching
  • dependency parsing

Our NIPS 2014 paper describes the CRF autoencoder framework as well as the bitext word alignment and part-of-speech induction tasks in detail. Details on code-switching can be found in our EMNLP shared task paper.


how to build

I'm assuming your default compiler is either gcc 4.6.3, clang 3.1-8 (or later "fingers crossed")

  • bitext word alignment: make -f Makefile-latentCrfAligner
  • part-of-speech tagging: make -f Makefile-latentCrfPosTagger
  • code switching: make -f Makefile-latentCrfPosTagger (this is not a typo)
  • dependency parsing: make -f Makefile-latentCrfParser (still in the works)

example invocations:

part of speech tagging:

  --output-prefix prefix # just a filename prefix for files generated during training
  --train-data sent-per-line-space-delimited-tokens.txt # example file below
  --min-relative-diff 0.001
  --optimizer adagrad --minibatch-size 8000
  --max-iter-count 50
  --cache-feats true                                                                                                       
  --wordpair-feats word-level-features```

for a list of all options: execute ``latentCrfAligner --help``

### snippet of the file ``sent-per-line-space-delimited-tokens.txt``

Ms. Haag plays Elianti . Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Inc. said it expects its U.S. sales to remain steady at about 1,200 cars in 1990 .

### snippet of the file ``word-level-features``

expects starts-with-e 1 starts-with-ex 1 ends-with-ts 1 ends-with-s 1 plays starts-with-p 1 starts-with-pl 1 ends-with-ys 1 ends-with-s 1

## using multiprocesses:
```mpirun 32 train-latentCrfAligner [options]```

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