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Unions types are a declaration at compile time that a variable,
function parameter or function return value can be one of
several types.
Except for type checks using #pragma rtt_checks they have no
impact at runtime. There is no runtime union type, the concrete
value type is one of the possibilities of the union type.
Union types have no type names for themselves, they are declared
anonymously with the declaration of the variable, function
parameter or return type:
int|string var;
int|float fun(object|closure f);
When using union types as array member types they must be
enclosed with < >:
<int|string>* arr; /* An array of ints and strings. */
int*|string* arr; /* Either an array of ints or
an array of strings. */
/* There must be a whitespace between two consecutive <
to be not confused with the << operator: */
< <int|string>*|object >* arr;