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void create()
The H_CREATE_SUPER/_OB/_CLONE hooks define the function or closure
to be called when the driver creates a new object. In older
drivers this was hardwired to the lfun create(), and a lot of
hook implementations still follow this tradition.
This function will be called only once on creation of the
object (this is when the object will be loaded or cloned).
Inside this function all major initialization can be done. The
current user and the previous object are defined but the
object has no environment.
object cloner;
void create() {
Initialize the global variable to hold the one who
created/cloned the object.
For 3.2.1, the mudlib may be programmed to call other lfuns
than create() on an objects creation.
reset(A), init(A), __INIT(A), initialisation(LPC), hooks(C), native(C)