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object clone_object(string name)
object clone_object(object template)
Clone a new object from definition <name>, or alternatively from
the object <template>. In both cases, the new object is given
an unique name and returned.
The original used for cloning, called blueprint, should not be
used in the system, just for cloning. The cloned objects
contain only the data but the blueprint also the function code.
The blueprint is the one without a unique number at the end of
the object's name. The clone_object() function never
returns a blue print.
If the <name> or <template> designates a cloned object itself,
the system looks up the blueprint object _by name_.
If the blueprint exists and has a heart_beat(), clone_object()
turns it off.
Note that the pathname must be complete, which means there are no
relative paths allowed.
If strict euids are enforced, the cloning object must have
a non-zero euid.
-- Variable Initialization --
In general, variables are initialized for blueprints and clones alike
with a call to the internal lfun __INIT().
However, if #pragma share_variables is in effect (either explicitely
given in the source or implicitly as runtime option), the values for
a clone's uninitialized variables are taken from the _current_
variables of the object's blueprint.
In the absence of share_variables, variables without explicit
initializers are initialized to 0.
// Clone a torch (filename in non-compat format)
object torch;
torch = clone_object("/obj/torch");
// Clone two keys (filename in compat format)
object key1, key2;
key1 = clone_object(load_object("obj/key"));
key2 = clone_object(key1);
// Create a specialized weapons blueprint.
--- std/weapon.c: ---
#pragma share_variables
int weapon_class = 1;
--- broadsword.c: ---
inherit "/std/weapon";
int create() {
weapon_class = 2;
Modified in LDMud 3.2.6 to take an object as argument.
LDMud 3.3.378 consolidated the variable initialization with the
share_variables pragma.
blueprint(E), clonep(E), destruct(E), clones(E), load_name(E),
load_object(E), move_object(E), uids(C), program_name(E), pragma(LPC)