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void write(mixed msg)
Write out something to the current user. What exactly will
be printed in the end depends of the type of msg.
If it is a string or a number then just prints it out.
If it is an object then the object will be printed in the
form: "OBJ("+object_name((object)mix)+")"
If it is an array just "<ARRAY>" will be printed.
If it is a mapping just "<MAPPING>" will be printed.
If it is a closure just "<CLOSURE>" will be printed.
If the write() function is invoked by a command of an living
but not interactive object and the given argument is a string
then the lfun catch_tell() of the living will be invoked with
the message as argument.
write("Hello world!\n");
Just print out a string.
This will print out something like "OBJ(std/player#1234)".
write( ({ "blub" }) );
Will print out "<ARRAY>".
say(E), tell_object(E), tell_room(E), catch_tell(A)