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continue development of DVD-authoring tool

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GraphicsMagick CFLAGS detection

Currently, dvdauthor fails to build against GraphicsMagick as it
doesn't retrieve the CFLAGS from pkg-config (see [0]). The attached
patch simplifies, using the pkg-config macro to obtain
the settings for GraphicsMagick.

Andii :-)
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dvdauthor is a program that will generate a DVD-Video movie from a valid
mpeg2 stream that should play when you put it in a DVD player.

To start you need mpeg files that contain the necessary DVD-Video VOB
packets. These can be generated with FFmpeg, or by by passing '-f 8' to mplex.

There are 3 steps to building the DVD directory structure on your HDD.

1. Delete a previously authored dvd

        dvddirdel [-o dir]

    To guard against mistakes, this will only delete files and subdirectories
    that look like part of a DVD-Video structure.

2. Create your titlesets

        dvdauthor [-o dir] [audio/video/subpicture options] [chapters]

    To create 1 chapter per mpeg, simply do

        dvdauthor [-o dir] [a/v/s options] chap1.mpg chap2.mpg chap3.mpg...

    To manually specify chapters, use the '--chapters' option

        dvdauthor [-o dir] [a/v/s options] -c chap1a.mpg chap1b.mpg -c chap2a.mpg chap2b.mpg ....

    To add chapters every fifteen minutes, do

        dvdauthor [-o dir] [a/v/s options] -c 0,15:00,30:00,45:00,1:00:00,1:15:00... longvideo.mpg

    Call dvdauthor for each titleset you want to create.  Note that
    due to the DVD-Video standard, all audio, video, and subpicture options
    must be set once for the entire titleset; i.e. you cannot mix PAL
    and NTSC video in the same titleset. For that you must generate
    separate titlesets.

    Run dvdauthor -h to see the audio, video, and subpicture options.
    Note that dvdauthor can autodetect most parameters except the

3. Create the table of contents

        dvdauthor -T [-o dir]

Voila! You now have a DVD-Video directory structure that will probably
work! You can now write this out to your DVD, mini-DVD (CD), or just
play it from your HDD. To generate the UDF image to burn to DVD, use
mkisofs and pass it the -dvd-video option.

important links:

        Note that packages included with your distro are almost certainly out
        of date. Get the latest version from the Subversion repository.
        includes mplex for building an mpeg2 system stream with hooks
        for DVD-Video navigation packets
mpucoder's site on dvd specs:
        details on the DVD-Video format
Inside DVD-Video wikibook: <>
        an attempt to document everything that is publicly known about the
        DVD-Video spec in a readable form
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