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5e62074 fix handling of audio packets that have no PTS
Unknown authored Jan 9, 2007
1 alpha:
2 fix handling of audio packets that have no PTS
104d72b patch from Romain Chantereau to fix libmagick6 not including stdarg (…
Unknown authored Jan 10, 2007
3 patch from Romain Chantereau to fix libmagick6 not including stdarg (Closes: Debian Bug#317463)
82eb108 fix int/unsigned problem: dvdauthor dumps core on some mpegs (Closes:…
Unknown authored Jan 10, 2007
4 fix int/unsigned problem: dvdauthor dumps core on some mpegs (Closes: Debian Bug#345105)
649334c substantially reduce runtime memory requirements
Unknown authored Jan 10, 2007
5 substantially reduce runtime memory requirements
104d72b patch from Romain Chantereau to fix libmagick6 not including stdarg (…
Unknown authored Jan 10, 2007
5e62074 fix handling of audio packets that have no PTS
Unknown authored Jan 9, 2007
93e03ff version bump: 0.6.12
Unknown authored Jan 7, 2007
8 0.6.12: January 7, 2007
5116a6e print offending vob names on audio discontinuity
Unknown authored Jan 7, 2007
9 print offending vob names on audio discontinuity
27ec6bd change assert to verbose warning for more than 128 commands per pgc
Unknown authored Jan 7, 2007
10 change assert to verbose warning for more than 128 commands per pgc
2504cc0 fix spumux "read 0, expected 4" false warning
Unknown authored Jan 7, 2007
11 fix spumux "read 0, expected 4" false warning
c57c284 fix border condition with TMAPT table
Unknown authored Dec 10, 2006
12 fix border condition with TMAPT table
863e6f1 allow use of -n to skip writing output
Unknown authored Dec 10, 2006
13 add -n flag to skip writing output
e460696 updates
Unknown authored Dec 10, 2006
14 add remap support for subtitle command #7 (CHG_COLCON)
15 fix sector number overflow in IFO files
16 don't escape command sent to shell
3d8bb44 incorporate final perforce changes
Unknown authored Jun 1, 2006
17 fix underflow wraparound in computing dts for subtitles
18 fill in reference pointers for all 3 frames even if less than 3 exist
19 allow last vobu of cell to have a forward pointer to self
20 fix TMAPT bug (ptsbase=0; matches Bullitt)
0a915a1 incorporate changes through patch 2992
Unknown authored Jun 1, 2006
21 support random(FOO) in vm
22 allow the use of all 16 GPRMS via 'allgprm="yes"' option
23 embed commands within the VOB if only one instruction
24 set entries within the actual PGC instead of creating extra PGCs whenever possible
25 vm_optimize combines set GPRM/SPRM and link command (Michael Kreuzer)
26 warn if the button value is not a multiple of 1024
27 fix CreateCallAdr: first 2 bytes of C_ADT contains number of vobs (Michael Kreuzer)
28 fix TocGen: set frame rate (Michael Kreuzer)
29 fix spuunmux button output to work with spumux (Michael Kreuzer)
30 make counters work; allow hex, kilo, and lang numeric codes (Michael Kreuzer)
31 remove all vestiges of button handling from post if not necessary (Michael Kreuzer)
32 new vm commands added: break, goto (Michael Kreuzer)
33 dvdunauthor uncompiles pre, post, fpc, cell, and button commands
34 add 'crop' keyword for widescreen (crops 4:3 image for 16:9 tvs)
35 if audio extends beyond video, then set sector pts accordingly
36 support separate subpicture streams for normal, widescreen, letterbox, and panscan
6e6e729 allow text subtitles to be forced on
Unknown authored Jun 2, 2006
37 allow text subtitles to be forced on
0a915a1 incorporate changes through patch 2992
Unknown authored Jun 1, 2006
cc97fc2 0.6.11 import
Unknown authored May 30, 2006
39 0.6.11: February 10, 2005
40 fix compile error on newer gcc compilers
41 ensure a row of a subtitle takes less than 1440 bits
42 fix warnings
43 fix 64-bit support (iconv)
44 fix video and sector pts values to be more consistant
45 fix ImageMagick 6.x.x alpha detection
46 improved dvdunauthor by Ralf Engels
47 full sized pts/scr support (for 13+ hours DVD's)
48 support really long subtitles
49 fix jumps from FPC to VMGM menus (was using LinkPGCN, now uses JumpSS -- fixes crash in Ogle and Pioneer 343
50 fix ability to have multiple entries for a PGC
51 fix bug when decoding some subtitles
52 switch to automake
53 have mpeg2desc parse mpeg1 headers (thanks to Nico Sabbi)
54 fix handling of NTSC 3:2 pulldown (end PTS was != start PTS of next VOBU)
56 0.6.10: March 15, 2004
57 better audio type detection logic
58 clear seamless flag on audio discontinuity
59 only allow <titles> to exist once per titleset
60 use 'name' attribute for buttons and actions in spumux (to be consistant with dvdauthor)
61 dynamically allocate PGC buffer
62 allow up to 2730 titles
63 allow reading from filedescriptors for VOBs, palette, and XML
64 allow empty pre, post, cell, etc commands (parses to NOP)
65 optimize link & button=X instructions together
66 fix parsing of textsub->transparent
67 add text subtitle documentation
68 fix SVCD subtitling
69 support specifying resume cells from calls; default to #1 for post commands
70 make spuunmux use read instead of lseek (works on pipes)
71 fix YUV handling in spuunmux and subgen
72 handle 99 titlesets in dvdunauthor
73 support nonexistant audio channels
74 lazy colormap allocation
75 support VOBU's without audio or video
77 0.6.9: January 16, 2004
78 cap maximum # of tmapt entries to 2040
79 convert filenames from UTF8 to locale
80 strip out END marker from program stream (clean up mplex output)
81 allow more than 512 chapters/titles
82 fix handling of programs (not chapters)
83 make VMGM IFO scanner deal with lowercase filenames
84 fix handling of text subtitles that use frame #'s as timecodes
85 fix bug in mpeg audio header scanning
86 languages must be in lowercase
87 better audio gap setting
88 fix PAL/NTSC issue
89 rename dvddirgen to dvddirdel to better reflect purpose
90 better support for nonstandard frame rates
91 don't set seamless flag for cells with commands or stilltime
92 bounds check #cells/vob, programs/pgc
94 0.6.8: December 14, 2003
95 allow xoffset and yoffset in spu tags
96 support multiple menu languages
97 support mpeg-1 video
98 support incorrect frame rates
99 fix/allow open GOP's on cell boundaries if sequential playback
100 fix bug in analyzing video codes (spurious sequence end codes)
101 add proper scanning of ac3 and pcm audio stream details
102 add support for NTSC closed captioning
103 support 96khz audio
104 support holes in video (aka audio cd's)
105 make subtitle placement dependent on pack dts, not video pts
106 add spuunmux; properly handle menu button colors
107 include XML schemas for XML verification
109 0.6.7: November 24, 2003
110 autodetect io.h presense for Cygwin
111 have spumux deal with incomplete reads/writes to/from pipes
112 have spumux work with odd sized subtitles
113 allow XML comments in dvd code
114 support else for if statements
115 add 'not' boolean expr
116 add support for cells and programs
117 add mini optimizer
118 fix subtitle ptr logic in VOBU packets (perfectly matches Grosse Pointe Blank)
119 make ff/rew ptr handling more like commercial dvds
120 fix corner case in reference frame end calculation
122 0.6.6: November 13, 2003
123 fix makefile for case insensitive filesystem (adds .PHONY rule)
124 allow jumps to menu entries from VMGM without jumppad
125 fix bug where jumppads were not generated in a VMGM if no VMGM menus existed
126 allow forced subtitles -- now all menus REQUIRE 'force="1"' option
127 base chapters on PTS not SCR
128 allow expressions
130 0.6.5: November 6, 2003
131 workaround for libxml2 2.5.4 -- manually check for whitespace in TEXT elements
132 fix xml parser when chapters are not specified
133 support <video widescreen="nopanscan|noletterbox" />
134 have jumps to other titles within the same titleset use JumpVTS_TT, not LinkPGCN
135 add some error checking on title/chapter jumping
136 fix bug when stuffing subtitles
138 0.6.4: November 1, 2003
139 fix bug in if statement -- it was doing the opposite
140 set O_BINARY for stdin, stdout in spumux
141 allow pgcs without any sources
143 0.6.3: October 30, 2003
144 fix bug in setting audio, subtitle, angle, button values
145 more documentation
147 0.6.2: October 27, 2003
148 fix segfault when parsing certain xml files
149 add HTML documentation
151 0.6.1: October 26, 2003
152 fix incorrect command length field for menu entries
153 move menu entry pgcs to the end of the list to make numbering simpler
154 allow jumping/calling to a wider variety of targets
155 fix bug in autonavigation
156 fix segfault if button is not defined in spumux
157 fix stilltime for vobs
158 add stilltime for pgc
159 reduce libxml2 requirement to 2.5.0
161 0.6.0: October 21, 2003
162 rename submux to spumux
163 set default button to #1 when entering a menu
164 add support for autoaction buttons
165 pass button navigation and color information from spumux to dvdauthor
166 support (optional) ImageMagick (or GraphicsMagick) libraries
167 create new programming language for buttons, pre, post, and fpc cmds
168 use XML configuration files for dvdauthor and spumux
170 0.5.4: October 4, 2003
171 vobu pointers only point within a cell -- fixes chapter playback for some players (thanks to <selva at mailaps dot org>)
172 fix uninitialized variable hasseqend (thanks to <selva at mailaps dot org>)
173 read button color index information from palette file (thanks to <selva at mailaps dot org>)
174 fix handling of vobus without video (thanks to <selva at mailaps dot org>)
175 fix handling of audio sectors that are outside the pts range of the vobu (thanks to <selva at mailaps dot org>)
176 compute pts based on frame counts (handles 3:2 correctly)
177 fix incorrect NTSC fps (29.97 instead of 29.97002997.....)
178 fix discontinuity flag on TMAP -- should be on all chapters, not just vob boundaries, also should be set for future discontinuity, not past
179 compute audio gap (for AC3 and MP2 only...)
180 fix handling of field encoded video
181 allow post commands on menus
182 fix subtitles that have packets within 6 bytes of a sector (thanks to <panteltje>)
183 allow specification of button movement (thanks to Mark Rages)
185 0.5.3: May 3, 2003
186 tighten mpeg boundary gap
187 add discontinuity flag to TMAPT table
188 clean up based on FreeBSD port (thanks to <pb at freebsd dot org>)
189 add exit and fpc commands
190 allow specification of 'post' commands
191 allow specification of which menu is the entry menu for title, root, audio, subtitle, angle, and ptt
192 allow setting of subtitle track as a command
193 set palette per PGC
194 allow palette to be RGB if the filename ends in .rgb (case insensitive)
195 rewrite the aspect ratio in the sequence header
196 add 'make uninstall'
198 0.5.2: April 30, 2003
199 fix STC discontinuity and VOB/cell idn assignment bugs
200 fix multiple titles within a titleset
201 allow - for stdin
202 allow multiple commands per button
203 allow setting of audio track
205 0.5.1: March 19, 2003
207 multiple titles within a titleset
208 added submux (from Jan Panteltje <panteltje at yahoo dot com>)
209 multiple menus for deeper navigation
210 fix bug in detecting mp2 tracks
212 0.5.0: February 25, 2003
213 basic menu support
214 don't allow both nopanscan and noletterbox, unless you're 4x3 -- then enforce both
215 vobu_se_e_ptm now written when sequence_end_code found
216 fix bug that doesn't write out of bounds ff/rew data correctly
217 fix pts computation bug for last vobu
218 fix bug in audio and subtitle track detection
219 fix c_eltm, e_eltm (again) -- calc in 30fps not 29.97fps (wtf?)
220 fix ff so it doesn't round up
221 add RPM spec file dvdauthor.spec (thanks to Dr. Peter Bieringer <pb at bieringer dot de>)
222 infer PCM bits/channel (though cannot infer #channels)
223 sort of handle VOBU's without video (needs work)
224 tweak TMAPT table in IFO files (god I hate NTSC)
226 0.4.3: February 19, 2003
227 don't presume no pan/scan; add options nopanscan, noletterbox
228 fix TMAPT generation bug from 0.4.2
229 reduce makedvd's function
231 0.4.2: February 19, 2003
232 fix subtitle support
233 make mpeg2desc print substream info on private1
234 make dvddirgen work with dirs that have spaces
235 fix c_eltm, e_eltm, s_ptm, and e_ptm
236 autodetection of ac3/mp2/dts audio channels and subpicture channels
237 provide sector pointers for multiple audio and subpicture channels
239 0.4.1: February 14, 2003
240 fix fatal bug in dvdvtsgen and dvdtocgen
241 force user to specify -r to dvddirgen to delete dirs
242 distribute files as user writable
244 0.4.0: February 13, 2003
245 allow letterboxing
246 compile under Mac OSX
247 fix bug with AC3 playback
248 autoconf
249 largefile support
250 remove dependence on getopt_long
251 more efficient background mplex'ing (starts them sequentially instead of in parallel)
252 support multiple audio tracks (from Jan Panteltje <panteltje at yahoo dot com>)
253 support subpicture tracks (from Jan Panteltje <panteltje at yahoo dot com>)
254 make subpicture colors more readable (from Jan Panteltje <panteltje at yahoo dot com>)
255 allow specification of palette on commandline (from Jan Panteltje <panteltje at yahoo dot com>)
256 allow shell commands as vobs
257 allow working dir to be specified in a config file
259 0.3.1: December 31, 2002
260 makevob retains proper a/v sync
261 performance improvements to ifogen -- O(n) realloc (instead of O(n^2)) and O(n lg n) vobu fixup (instead of O(n^2))
262 handle chapter mpegs that don't start at 0.00 sec
264 0.3.0: November 16, 2002
265 fix bug in tocgen where the VTS was not being properly described
266 better status messages from ifogen
267 support multiple titlesets (thus multiple titles -- 1 per vts)
268 allow specification of audio format (but no autodetect)
269 fix bug in makedvd w.r.t. filenames with spaces
271 0.2.3: November 14, 2002
272 auto detect settings from mpeg video stream:
273 frame rate (thus ntsc vs pal; only 29.97 and 25 suported)
274 resolution
275 aspect ratio
276 make said settings overridable on the command line
277 update README
278 fix bug that could cause ifogen to miss 0-10% of the picture frames thus causing poor ff/rew
280 0.2.2: November 12, 2002
281 no more qsort! (finally!)
282 make makedvd more compatible (no more ++, workaround for no mktemp)
283 fix makevob (mpeg2desc is very fifo-savvy now)
284 fix # chapter in VIDEO_TS.IFO (for Ogle, Mplayer, and some settop DVD players)
286 0.2.1: November 11, 2002
287 fix segfault on file not found
288 allow spaces in mpg filenames
289 fix bug in handling mpegs with much longer audio tracks than video tracks
290 fix vobu_e_pts values (fixes playback on Pioneer DV343)
292 0.2.0: September 22, 2002
293 work with clips > 1 gig
294 support multiple chapters
296 0.1.2: July 31, 2002
297 fix ff/rew
299 0.1.1: July 31, 2002
300 allow variable size GOP's
301 work with clips > 4 minutes
302 nicer logging
304 0.1.0: July 30, 2002
305 Initial release. Can write roughly a 4 minute video clip to a dvd
306 and it will play! limitations include 511 GOP's, 15 frames per
307 GOP, 29.97 fps, 720x480, 48kHz audio encoded with mpeg1. But it
308 works!
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