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671825a Nov 3, 2010
Lawrence D'Oliveiro priorities
35 lines (17 sloc) 700 Bytes
. allow different buttons for p&s, lb, etc
. moving buttons
. improve (and test) audio gap detection
. resurrect buttongroup code
. add support for timers (need optimizer: set two variables at once, or just provide 'settimer(X,Y) function)
. add support for counting GPRMs (i.e. 'g3 counter on;' or 'g3 counter off;')
. allow jumppad to span multiple pgc's
. multiangle support!
. make it a library?
. rework subtitle rendering to use Pango
. deal with 16 color subtitles
. add way to map color->color for generating select images
. librarify spumux?
. provide a full example case on the website, buttons, menus, multiple chapters without pauses, etc.
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