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factor out autotools stuff into separate bootstrap script that can

be used to build straight from this source tree
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1 parent 5cfeb0e commit a360534588deb5cd498009bb7adc1d97145ac301 Lawrence D'Oliveiro committed Jan 12, 2009
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@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+# Run GNU autotools stuff preparatory to building from the source tree.
+# Execute this script with the working directory set to the top of
+# the dvdauthor source tree, and it will create the configure scripts
+# and other related bits and pieces.
+# Created by Lawrence D'Oliveiro <>.
+mkdir autotools
+cp /usr/share/gettext/config.rpath autotools/
+automake --add-missing
@@ -13,18 +13,14 @@ mkdir ../$dstdir/ || exit 1
cp -a ./ ../$dstdir/dvdauthor/
cd ../$dstdir/dvdauthor
rm -rf .git
-mkdir autotools
-cp /usr/share/gettext/config.rpath autotools/
-automake --add-missing
(cd src; flex -s -B -Cem -odvdvml.c -Pdvdvm dvdvml.l)
(cd src; bison -o dvdvmy.c -d -p dvdvm dvdvmy.y)
(cd doc; docbook2man root.sgml)
rm -rf autom4te.cache
rm doc/manpage.links doc/manpage.refs
rm doc/*.sgml doc/html.dsl
+rm bootstrap make-dist
cd ..
tar czhvf ../dvdauthor.tar.gz dvdauthor/
cd ..

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