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TI-58C/TI-59 calculator emulator for Android
Java Python
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ti5x is an emulator, running on Android, for the venerable
TI-58/58C/59 family of programmable scientific calculators
which were manufactured by Texas Instruments from the late

ti5x does not aim for 100% authenticity--which is not possible,
anyway. In particular, I have not bothered to emulate known
bugs and undocumented features of the originals. But it does
try to maintain some of the feel of using the original product,
albeit running a lot faster.

    src/ -- Java sources for the Android app
    res/ -- resources for the Android app
    assets/ -- additional data (help file) for the Android app
    AndroidManifest.xml, build.xml, *.properties -- for driving
        Google's Android build tools (note that you will have to
        provide a couple more of these--see INSTALL for details)
    util/ -- Python scripts for assembling/disassembling
        calculator programs, building the Master Library and
        other useful tasks.
    mlsrc/ -- the source of my (partial) recreation of the
        Master Library.
    art/ -- artwork for diagrams, higher-res scan for icon
    README -- this file
    INSTALL -- build/installation instructions
    COPYING -- licence (GPLv3)

Note all text files are in UTF-8 encoding, and literal Unicode
characters abound. In this day and age, why not?

Lawrence D'Oliveiro <>
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