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Feature highlights:
16216.1, 2014 May 26:
allow multitouch in pressing buttons as alternative to moving touch
15611.5, 2012 September 29:
reduce layout size on larger screens to be more consistent with smaller
15597.9, 2012 September 15:
increase size of tappable button area to see if that reduces complaints
about unresponsive buttons
15587.1, 2012 September 4:
notification status now appears while program is running in background,
not just when it stops
15586.1, 2012 September 3:
reduce maximum screen size limit for scaling
stop multiple-launching of Help activity
make printer paper width consistent across different pixel densities
15553.4, 2012 August 1:
allow use of volume-control buttons to change button-feedback
15472.3, 2012 May 13:
make decimal point slightly bigger
CE in error state now clears error state without clearing display
15457.0, 2012 April 27:
scale layout on phone-sized screens while centring on
tablet-sized screens
15454.1, 2012 April 24:
add help icon to title bar.
add description of menu items to help page.
15453.4, 2012 April 23:
help page now shows on Android 4.0.
15300.1, 2011 November 22
make (nearly) all I/O async to avoid blocking UI thread
15220.5, 2011 September 4
allow orientation change on tablet-sized screens
15212.2, 2011 August 26
keep red overlap during slide animation
15169.3, 2011 July 14
typo! “∑x” corrected to “∑+” throughout
15164.6, 2011 July 10
implement inverse-divide to compute remainder on division
implement op 52/53, get/set register offset
15159.9, 2011 July 5
implement program and register listing functions
15158.4, 2011 July 3
implement Op 08
15156.5, 2011 July 2
allow restriction of data file selection to “likely” ones
(ending in .dat or .txt) for import and export-append
15152.3, 2011 June 27
remember scroll position on last-viewed help page
15147.3, 2011 June 22
add options for vibrate and no button feedback
15139.3, 2011 June 14
ensure label card bitmaps are properly disposed
15135.1, 2011 June 10
add option to copy full-precision number to clipboard
add notification when program finishes in background
15133.3, 2011 June 8
add option to export only numbers in standard format
ignore most keystrokes in error state
15131.4, 2011 June 6
Correct |x|
Improve single-stepping a bit
15124.5, 2011 May 30
Add alternative main layout for tablet-sized screens
Allow Dsz on registers > 9
Make keyboard initially visible in save-as
Fix loading of external libraries
15123.3, 2011 May 29
Correctly display error state on resume and LRN
Force picker to portrait-only to avoid losing buttons off bottom
15121.4, 2011 May 28
Switching of screens is now a lot faster
15108.0-15108.1, 2011 May 14
INV Prt now sets flag 7 directly rather than error condition on EOF
15107.5, 2011 May 13
Add copy/paste support
15106.2-15106.5, 2011 May 12
Link to where to find original manuals
Printer view now autoscrolls to bottom
Move autoclosing of importer and exporter from RST to INV RST
15105.2-15105.4, 2011 May 11
Display package version number
Terminology change: "help card" -> "label card"
2011 May 10
Couldn't use 2nd keys for labels--fixed
2011 May 9
Add about page
2011 May 7
Correct behaviour of EE in result state to match manual
2011 May 6
Add data-export function
2011 May 4
Add data-import function
2011 May 1
Add inv-pi extension
2011 April 29
Implement Op 18/19 properly
2011 April 28
Further fix to correctly handling rounding on INV Int
2011 April 27
Implementation calculation tracing on flag 9
Add delete-file function to picker
2011 April 26
Correct implementation of EE/INV EE
Allow manually reloading Master Library
Include merged keycodes in overlay display
2011 April 24
Op 50 and 51 extensions
Cross-bank transfers finally work properly
2011 April 22
INV GTO extension
2011 April 21
Debounce button presses
Add key codes table to help page
2011 April 20
Add build instructions
More docs
Master Library card images now complete
Support user versus system card styles
2011 April 19
LRN can now show display library programs (read-only)
Assembler/disassembler can now check/show current location
Add card-sliding animation
First stab at virtual printing
Implement stop-on-error use of flag 8
2011 April 18
Add program/library loading
New program/library builder utility
Various card-rendering improvements
2011 April 17
Add library help and initial library programs
Add ability to save user programs
2011 April 16
Add label-card area
Add program-bank support
2011 April 14
Add card image rendering utility
Add master library build utility
2011 April 13
Add assembler and disassembler utilities
2011 April 12
Option to display key code overlay
Save persistent state
Online help
2011 April 11
Implement program entry and execution
2011 April 8
Complete rework to handle programmability, memories etc
Add audio button feedback
2011 April 7
Start of development
Most simple functions implemented