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mention overflow menu icon on later Android

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commit e57fa196d06d388034a90e7ad1b1e54a667af337 1 parent d4962af
Lawrence D'Oliveiro authored
4 ChangeLog
@@ -1,5 +1,9 @@
Feature highlights:
+15454.1, 2012 April 24:
+ add help icon to title bar.
+ add description of menu items to help page.
15453.4, 2012 April 23:
help page now shows on Android 4.0.
BIN  art/overflow.png
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10 assets/help/index.html
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<P><A HREF="#Topics">Back to Topics</A>
<H2><A NAME="OptionsMenu"></A>Options Menu</H2>
-<P>Pressing the Android Menu button brings up a menu with the following options:
+<P>Pressing the Menu button (or, on Android 3.0 or later, the on-screen icon that looks
+something like this:
+AABJRU5ErkJggg==" ALT="Overflow Icon" HEIGHT="20px">) brings up a menu with the following options:
-<LI>Calc Help — bring up this help page.
+<LI>Calc Help — bring up this help page. This can also be brought up
+by tapping the question-mark icon in the application title bar.
<LI>Key Codes — toggle the display of program key codes next to the corresponding keys.
<LI>Module Help — bring up the main help page for the currently-loaded library module, if any.
<LI>Printer — bring up the virtual printer display. (Use the Back button to return to
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