A visual language for describing data flows
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A visual language for describing data flows

Repository to capture outputs and host additional discussion around the creation of a visual vocabulary for describing data flows.

How to contribute

Please post an issue with here as I think it will be easier to track individual comments and feedback. At the moment I'm using Google Slides to organise the documentation but it doesn't offer a great way to host discussions (can't easily comment on individual items or suggest new slides).

Related Work

  • See Oil and Water: When Data Licences Don't Mix for an earlier attempt to visualise remixing of datasets

  • Data ecosystem mapping mapping value networks related to the exchange and use of data. This focuses on a different aspect of diagramming data

  • Data Flow Diagrams are an existing notation, which covers functions, inputs, outputs, and flows. The notation in this project doesn't describe inputs/outputs, only flows between datasets. DFD notation also doesn't use shape or size as a means to convey information about a function, or define any basic primitives.


The work is published under a CC-BY 4.0 licence. So any contributions you make will be similarly licensed.